The Spotted White Sea Slug (Chromodoris Orientalis) is a small species of sea slug, seen only under zoom-mode glows in both Endless Ocean games. Its trivia can be unlocked by feeding it.
Spotted White Sea Slug

The sea slug on the ocean floor.

In-Game Description

Length: Roughly 2 inches.

Endless Ocean

These creatures have nearly cylindrical bodies with two antennae and a tassel-like set of protruding gills. Mostly white with scattered black spots, they can be seen year-round near coral reefs and similar areas all over Manoa Lai.

Endless Ocean 2

This white sea slug with black spots floats on ocean currents after hatching from its egg. Although it has a shell at birth, it discards it as it develops.

[Both sexes]

The sea slug is a hermaphrodite, meaning that all sea slugs have buth male and female sexual organs. This means that eggs can be spawned by any two sea slugs. The eggs of this species are laid in a thin ribbon wrapped in a coil around rocks.


This creature can be seen near coral reefs and other similar areas all over the map in the first Endless Ocean game. It is found in Ciceros Strait, scattered around the C-5 and G-8 coordinate areas in the second game.

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