Stalactite Labyrinth

The Stalactite Labyrinth is a large, dark room in Endless Ocean's Great Aqua Cave that gets its name from the floor-to-ceiling forest of stone spires that form a maze-like environment, hence the name applied to the area.

Local Sea Life

There is not a large variety of life that lives in this room. However, there are a few species that make their homes here, including a Blue-Spotted Lagoon Ray, some Goldeye Rockfish, and a few John Dory. At night, a Longtooth Grouper also roams about. Under some zoom-mode spots, there can be found a few Threadfin Butterflyfish.


On the map, this room takes up coordinates H-6, H-7, I-6, and I-7. It has many entrances and exits in the form of tunnels that lead to almost every other room in the Great Aqua Cave.

There are no treasures located inside of the Labyrinth. The main attraction of this room is the stalactites and stalagmites, which form ethereal and alien structures, easily confusing inexperienced divers.