The Steller Sea Lion (Eumetopias jubatus) is a large species of sea lion that only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"The largest of the sea lion family, males can weigh up to a ton. Living in packs, the males form harems of up to several dozen females. Hunted as pests and suffering from a diminishing food supply, they are now in danger of becoming extinct."


Small groups of Steller Sea Lions can be found in the North Coast of Canada area. These groups are found at coordinates A-1 (in the daytime) and D-4 (during the nighttime), as well as several that lounge about on top of the icebergs.


  • This species is named after the scientist who first discovered them, Georg Wilhelm Steller.
  • According to more recent numbers, this species isn't classified as endangered, but it is considered near-threatened, meaning that it is easily at risk of becoming endangered.
  • Sometimes, these sea lions are intentionally killed by fishermen, who often see them as a threat because of competition for the fish or theft.

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