The Stocky Anthias is a form of coral reef fish that makes an appearance in both games in the Endless Ocean series.

In-Game Description

"Normally pale pink with a red mark on the dorsal fin, the male becomes more brightly colored during mating season.

It lives around coral reefs and gathers in shoals where plankton get caught in the ocean currents and driven upward.

[Secret Gatherings]

Groups of male anthias sometimes swim together in a behavior known as clustering. It is thought to be significant in assessing the state of the school and deciding the rank of the various males."


Endless Ocean

These can be found under zoom-mode patches in the sandy areas around Deep Valley.

Endless Ocean 2

These are seen under zoom-mode patches in coral and rocks in the Deep Hole area at coordinates A-2 (Southeast), most of B-3, and B-4 (Northeast).


They swim around singly or in pairs, or with other kinds of fish. They like being fed and petted.

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