The Stone Cavern Entrance is the cavern containing the entrance to the Cavern of the Gods, as may be garnered simply from its name.


The Echoing Terrace, which leads to the Cavern Entrance, is located in the Zahhab Region at the Super Drop-Off, between co-ordinates F-2 and G-2, and a depth of roughly 135 feet, or about 40 meters. The actual Stone Cavern Entrance is at the back of the large cave containing the ruins of the ancient castle with the Pacifica Treasure inside, to the left of the castle's front as you swim towards it.


The cave is filled with Sea Goldies, King Angelfish, Powder Blue Tang, and Pyramid Butterflyfish. The only zoom-mode spot in the cavern, on the ledge above the doorway and to the right, are two Southern Orange-lined Cardinalfish.


There is a single coin in the Cavern Entrance, in the only zoom-mode spot. The salvageable items in the Cavern Entrance are:

  • a Large Container
  • a Large Crate
  • a Large Barrel
  • a Small Jar
Stone Cavern Entrance

The entrance to the Cavern of the Gods.

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