The Singing Dragon Endless Ocean Blue World01:28

The Singing Dragon Endless Ocean Blue World

This is a picture video of the singing dragon, which is the main whale to sing the song of dragons.


Here is a bottlenose dolphin, an animal that can sing the song of draagons

 The first part of the story in Endless Ocean 2 is called The Song of Dragons.

In-game description

"There is a legend about the Song of Dragons that originated in the Pacific Rim.

Intrigued by the story, you took a leave of absence from college to visit the Pelago Commonwealth in the South Pacific. By chance, you ended up working for L&L Diving Service, run by the former world-renowned marine adventurer Jean-Eric Louvier.

On your first day, you went diving with Oceana, Jean-Eric's granddaughter and the company's only employee. She dropped her pendant during the dive, and it made a strange sound...which inexplicably caused a humpback whale to turn violent. The pendant had belonged to Oceana's deceased father, Matthias.

This prompted Oceana to set off alone to recover another pendant that had been lost at sea around Deep Hole. Jean-Eric entrusted you with the Pulsar, which you used to drive away a shark that had trapped Oceana. You found the lost pendant and discovered that the two fit together to reveal a mysterious verse." 


This part of the story happens in Gatama Atoll and Deep Hole.

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