The Storyboard is a scattered salvage item in Endless Ocean. Its four parts are found all around the main map. After you find all of the parts, Katharine will put it back together and say to you:

"Storyboards like this are traditional folk art of the Pelago Commonwealth. It's how old stories and myths are passed through the generations. They're usually carved out of hardwoods.

You know, Doug knows even more than I do about this stuff... I bet he could tell us the story on this piece. Next time we talk, I'll ask him about it."

After a bit, you'll get an email from Douglas containing the following:

"Storyboard Results!

Hey sea kids! Kat told me about the storyboard. It shows a Pelago legend called Fruit of Judgement. Here it is:

--- Long ago there was a tiny island with a tree that bore sweet fruit. One day the island was invaded by a large island kingdom. The empress of this kingdom was envois of the tree, so she killed the islanders, stole the fruit, and ate it all.

But as soon as she did, the skies darkened and the rains began. The rain continued for a whole year, and the entire kingdom sunk under the sea. The people of the little island believe the stolen fruit was cursed. ---


The foot locker text says: "A wooden board with an ancient tale from the Pelago Commonwealth. On it, a woman reaches for a piece of fruit."


The pieces of the board are found at the following locations:

  • E-1, 10 meters/32 feet
  • F-6, 38 meters/125 feet
  • H-3, 25 meters/82 feet
  • K-7, 15 meters/49 feet

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