A coin found in the Zahhab Region Depths, with two Humpback Anglerfish swimming around it.

Strange Coins is the very first quest in Voice of the Night Sky to appear in your notebook, and the very last one to solve. To solve it, you have to find every single coin in the book. The reward for doing so is one hundred thousand pelagos and the Flowing Hairstyle.

In your notebook, this quest is only unlocked after you've found the first coin. The notebook will state:

"You found a strange coin. It's probably valuable, so you added it to your collection book."

As you look at said coin in your collection book, a strange voice on the radio will state:

"Collect the coins....if you do..."

This sentence is left unfinished, leaving it up to the player's imagination what will happen if they collect the coins. Your notebook will state:

"A mysterious voice from the radio said something like "collect the coins..."."

After this quest is completed, the mysterious radio voice will say,

"...Fallen the heavens...divine once again...from across the astral plane...I praise...your great deeds...kkrrrzzzhhh..."

You'll think of a new hairstyle, receive a company boost, and get money. In your notebook, the quest will update and be marked as complete:

"When you collected all the coins, something strange happened... What on earth was that?"


  • The best way to find coins is to dive with Oceana (Oceane) so that most of the zoom spots glow. That makes it a lot easier.
  • This can only be solved after re-opening the Cavern of the Gods, as some coins that appear in the cavern do not appear until after re-opening.

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