The Strigate Chromodoris is a small, colourful sea slug.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"A bright yellow rim runs around the edge of this pale blue sea slug. It has a blotchy pattern on its back behind its antennae and close to its gills, and three solid or broken lines run along its back.


There are many reports of abnormalities among sea slugs of the same species, such as different numbers of antennae or their tips being split. One report even describes a two-headed slug."


Endless Ocean

This small slug can be found in sandy patches on the seafloor, sometimes with other sea slugs or small fish.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

The Strigate Chromodoris is found in the Ciceros Strait area, on the sand at coordinates F-4 and H-5, both of which are elevated sections of the seafloor next to landmasses that rise out of the water.


These small creatures move about slowly, sometimes solitary under their zoom-mode glow, but sometimes they share their space with a small fish or two. They like being petted and having pictures taken of them.

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