Striped White Sea Slug
Type of animal: Slug
Species: Chromodoris willani
Length: 5 cm/2 in
What it looks like: A blue slug with white stripes
Location: Ship's Rest (EO), Cavern of the Gods (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Striped White Sea Slug (Chromodoris willani) is a type of sea slug.

In-Game Description

Length: 2 in.

This beautiful pale blule sea slug has three black lines on its back that are often broken. The central line normally runs from its antennae to its gills.


Endless Ocean These can be found in the Ship's Rest.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be throughout the Cavern of the Gods in zoom locations.


They slowly move around, by themselves, or with cinderella sea slugs.


  • These can be found day and night in both games.

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