Sunshine Beach 1

The stretch of sand that gives this area its name.

Sunshine Beach, an area to the East of Manoa Lai, is a location well-known for its resident pod of befriendable Short-Beaked Common Dolphins. It gets its name from the large, sandy swath of seafloor that is clear of hardly any blemishes.

Local Life

Several shoals of smaller fish live here as well as the Dolphins, mostly around Dolphin Rock, and these include Green Chromis and Longnose Butterflyfish, as well as a single Luna Lionfish. There is also a small group of California Sea Lions that makes their home here.

Sunshine Beach 2

The entrance into the Beach.

Location and Geography

Sunshine Beach can be found on the map at coordinates L-5. Dolphin Rock is a large, oblong rock stationed in the centre of the Beach, upon which corals and seaweed grow. The pod of dolphins circle primarily around this rock. A cave to the East leads to a room filled with Cowtail Stingrays.

The Picture Frame can be found on the sandy seafloor to the East of the Beach,