Hey, just thought I'd get some talk started. I haven't seen so much talk on this wiki, especially compared to other wikis. So, go ahead and post something.


A quick PSA about categories

If you want people to see your pages, please add them to categories! I really like seeing what other people to on the wiki, especially as one of very few major editors (shoutout to user MmmMumy for being the editor that I've been swapping the #1 editor title with on and off; you're cool) and I really like helping people out with their work. If you don't categorise your pages, they are very hard to find. Thanks!

Nocturnalia (talk) 15:32, January 26, 2015 (UTC)Nocturnalia

Article Redirection Concern

Does anyone know why on earth the South Canyon article reditects to the article on Ciceros Strait, and is there a way to fix this?

Nocturnalia (talk) 18:48, August 11, 2015 (UTC)

Recent Vandalism

Hey all!

There has been a series of recent vandlaisms by a set of trolls from Russia. The user Yhynerson1 from the Angry German Kid wiki noticed that I had blocked several users that he had also blocked for similar reasons, and he also noticed that the vandalism patterns were the same, so he sent me a list of users to preemptively block before they could strike again. I had already blocked a few of them, as they had already started destroying pages (which I rolled back, thankfully), so I blocked the rest of them, hence the set of recent blocks/rollbacks.

I'm taking action whenever the vandals strike, so if you notice persistent vandalism or destruction of pages, please alert me and I will block them after investigation into their motives.

Thank you for your consideration!

Nocturnalia (talk) 22:28, July 21, 2016 (UTC)

Quick Reminder About Edit Summaries

Salutations, everyone!

This is just a quick reminder that adding an edit summary can do absolute wonders for helping me sort through all of the edits I have to moderate (I'm only the one admin, you know!). Marking it as a minor edit would also be a helpful tool, but because I go through every edit to make sure they're legit, marking edits as such doesn't really serve much of a purpose besides orginisation (and making me feel better about changing a really small thing on a page, because there's an option for that!). However, edit summaries would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Nocturnalia (talk) 05:19, November 8, 2016 (UTC)

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