Tanganua Bay

A view of the expanse of sand that makes up this area. the resident Giant Clam can be seen in the lower-left corner.

Tanganua Bay
, spelled as Taganuah Bay in the European release, is a small, unmarked bay in Endless Ocean.

Local Life

When exploring the Bay, the player will not find very much here but an empty expanse of sand, save a giant clam, as well as a zoom-mode spot or two. At night, a Scalloped Hammerhead Shark passes through this area as it patrols Rock Bluff.

Location and Geography

On the map, the Bay is at co-ordinates H-1, a little north of Rock Bluff. The player can find one of the components of the Pirate's Compass, a salvageable item required to find the Pirate Ship, on the sand in this area.

There is nothing remarkable about this area, save for the aforementioned giant clam and the occasional Hammerhead. There are no rocks on the seafloor here, and no corals.

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