The Arrows of Hercules is one of the sub-quests required to complete the Voice of the Night Sky quest. It requires the player to collect the Aquila, Hercules and Sagitta coins to complete it.

An ancient depiction of Hercules completing one of his twelve labors, defeating the monstrous Hydra.

In your notebook, the quest reads:

"Prometheus, one of the Titans, was chained to a rock and constantly attacked by an eagle as punishment for giving fire to humanity. One day, he was visited by Hercules, who was undertaking his 12 labors. Hercules drove the eagle away using his arrows, giving Prometheus respite from his eternal torment.

the advice Hercules received in return helped him to get the golden apples."

After you've completed this quest and looked at the coins in your collection book, the mysterious radio voice will come on and say:

Hercules and Prometheus

An ancient piece of art, showing Hercules (left) defending Prometheus (center) from a predatory bird (right).

"Do the gods...see man's his sin...."

As a reward for completion of the Arrows of Hercules, the diving company's reputation will increase and the player will receive twelve thousand pelagos.

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