Celestial Masoleum - Left

The statues (the ram and falcon showing)

The Celestial Mausoleum Monuments,which are found in the Cavern of the Gods's Celestial Mausoleum, are three stone pedestals or pillars fitted with ancient mechanisms that are designed to summon the Singing Dragons and reveal the Pacifica Treasure once their puzzle was successfully solved.

Storyline Relevance

When trapped in the Mausoleum by three aggressive goblin sharks, one of which being Okeanos's Guardian, L&L Diving Service discovered that the three pedestals, along with the Dragon Flute, held the key to letting them escape the aggressive sharks.

To operate the mechanism placed within these statues, the Dragon Flute must be dismantled into its three components (the cone, the cylinder, and the disc) and once piece must be put into each of the pillars: the scarab beetle must have the cylinder-shaped piece, the falcon the disc-shaped piece, and to the ram the cone-shaped piece goes.

Once this task has been completed, the door in the Mausoleum that leads to the Pillars of Light shall open and a Singing Dragon will enter the room, driving away the aggressive sharks. Another door will open once the puzzle has been solved: the door that leads to the Pacifica Treasure and the lost riches of the Okeanide people. However, the player and the rest of L&L Diving Service don't have time to recover the treasures before the Singing Dragons go into a rage and cause the Cavern of the Gods to collapse, leaving the divers barely enough time to escape before a cave-in.


  • These monuments represent the sun god Ra's transformations. Ra, of ancient Egyptian mythology, was a scarab in the morning, a falcon in the day, and a ram at night.


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