R4E 0045
The Flower-Patterned Beluga is a distinctive Beluga that was named for the strange, flower-shaped markings on its body. It is one of the creatures that the player can befriend in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

How to Befriend It

After the player has put on twenty dolphin shows or trained their Dolphin Partners 100 times, Finley (the main instigator of the Be the Best Trainer quest) will show up and tell the player about this strange Beluga.
Let's Play EO2 AotD - Part 60 Bella Beluga09:15

Let's Play EO2 AotD - Part 60 Bella Beluga

Once Finley lets them know about it, the player can go to the North Coast of Canada to find this creature, swimming around the Southwesternmost breathing hole. The player has to play the Sea Whistle for it in order to gain its curiosity. Once the Beluga is curious, it will swim up to the player and start singing to them. The player has to blow the Sea Whistle three times in tandem with the Beluga's singing in order to gain its friendship.

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