The Gabbiano is your trusty ship and headquarters in the first Endless Ocean game, replaced by Nineball Island in the second game. On it, you will find:

  • Your Cabin, which contains:
    • the steering wheel, which allows you to pilot the boat to any location on the map
    • the clock, which allows you to advance the time
    • the Marine Encyclopedia, where all of the information and records on all of the creatures you have encountered are written
    • the snorkel & mask, which allow you to change your gear
    • the small mobile device that allows you to check you email for requests, info, and other things
    • the notebook, which allows you to save your adventure
    • the camera, which lets you develop pictures taken with it underwater
    • the photo album, where you can look at previously-developed photos
  • Catherine/Katherine Sunday, your trusty, smart business partner
  • the radio, which allows you to listen to your own music (mp3s from an SD card)
  • the deck chair, which lets you gaze out at the scenic ocean
  • the Wi-Fi gate, which lets you dive with other players
  • the foot locker, where you keep all of your discovered treasures
  • the "Catherine's Hints" poster on the window of your cabin; these have some useful clues on them

Sometimes on your boat, land creatures will appear. These include penguins, birds, seals, walruses, and the occasional Marine Iguana or Polar Bear.

In-game, after finishing a dive and returning to the boat, the text describing the Gabbiano in the top-left corner will read: "Your small but sturdy vessel. Gabbiano means "seagull" in Italian."

A side view of the Gabbiano.


The Gabbiano is featured on the title screen.

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