The Hungry Risso's Dolphin is the befriendable Risso's Dolphin that appears in the Zahhab Region Depths in Endless Ocean: Blue World as a part of the "Be the Best Trainer!" quest.

How To Befriend It

When the player first encounters this dolphin, they will notice that it seems to be particularly hungry. They will need the squid meat item from Nancy in order to gain its trust the first time around. However, once they feed the squid meat to the dolphin, it still seems hungry. The player will then need the seafood set item (also buyable from Nancy) to feed to the dolphin, and only after it eats that will its hunger be satisfied. It will then become the player's friend.


  • The Risso's dolphin's level 3 Special Trick is the Merry-Go-Round, a kind of Wave.


Endless ocean 2 befriending risso's dolphin09:50

Endless ocean 2 befriending risso's dolphin

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