The Song of Dragons is a mysterious song written by the Okeanides, an ancient race of people that worked closely with whales, that is heard in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It is the focus of the main story.


The Song of Dragons is a repeating pattern of five notes (ten if it is first played with the Dragon Flute and then responded to by a whale) that is usually sung in enclosed places where it can reverbate, such as multiple instacances of ruins, caves, or even the inside of an iceberg.

Song of Dragons Image

This song is said to bring misfortune to anyone who hears it, but on the other hand anyone who solves the riddle of the Song of Dragons gets rewarded. This reward is supposedly the Pacifica Treasure, which is tightly intertwined with the lore of the Song of Dragons.

The riddle is supposedly to find the purpose of the Song, which in the end turned out to have the ability to control certain whales and dolphins and eventually unlock the door to the Pacifica Treasure.


In Endless Ocean 2, this strange song is heard in five places in the game, every instance involving whales in some way, whether they sang it or turned destructive upon hearing it. Every time it is heard, it brings bad luck to the diver and whoever they are diving with.

It is first heard in Gatama Atoll. The player does not actually hear the entire song, just a few notes, when Oceana drops her Lapis Lazuli pendant, which is only one part of the Dragon Flute (the instrument used by humans to play the Song). The nearby Humpback Whale attacks you and Oceana, requiring you to dodge quickly out of the way.

Next, it is heard in Valka Castle (in Ciceros Strait), sung by the North Atlantic Right Whale swimming outside of the window, and you and Oceane get trapped inside the King's Chamber and have to find a way out. Both of you eventually do.

Next, it is heard in the Iceberg Cavern (in the Weddell Sea) and L&L Diving Survice gets caught in a snowstorm, and have to rely on a Spectacled Porpoise that you and Hayako met in the Cavern. A Blue Whale sings the song this time around.

Next, it is heard in the Twilight Temple in the Cortica River Upstream, sung by an out-of-place Antarctic Minke Whale that swims upstream and emits the cursed notes. An enraged Spectacled Caiman comes in and almost kills you and GG, but is then calmed using the Pulsar.

Finally, it is heard several times in the Cavern of the Gods, played using the complete Dragon Flute and echoed by the mysterious Singing Dragons, an unknown species of whale found only in the Cavern. Several misfortunes occur, including losing Hayako, GG and Oceane in mysteriously strong currents, losing radio connection with Jean-Eric, being attacked by vicious Goblin Sharks and their ferocious master and the entire temple almost collapsing on the player's party, surely leaving them scared and exasparated at the domino effect of unfortunate happenings.

Eventually, the riddle is solved, leading the player to the Pacifica Treasure, the massive golden statue that Matthias Louvier was pursuing before he died. However, once the Treasure Room is opened, a different version of the Song is played from nowhere, causing the Singing Dragons to go out of their way to collapse the Cavern on top of whoever is inside. The player must escape before this happens, and once they do, they must gather the funds to reopen the Cavern of the Gods, a momentous task considering the one million Pelagos needed to do so.

As it turns out, the player only needs to spend five hundred thousand Pelagos of their collected one million, as the company doing the excavating reportedly would cut the cost in half if it was paid with cash (which the player must gather). It is complained by many players that mustering the funds to reopen the Cavern is an exasparating and time-consuming task, but once the Cavern is re-opened, the main story ends and all that is left are side quests and filling the Marine Encyclopedia.


  • The Song of Dragons is rumored to be cursed, and this rumor may have some merit, considering the series of events that happened upon all instances of hearing the Song.
    • Reportedly, Mathhias Louvier died whilst hearing the Song of Dragons, a harrowing thought considering that he died in pursiut of the very thing that killed him. It is thought that perhaps the resident Sperm Whale may have sung the Song, or one of the Risso's Dolphins that live in the Twin Crevasses, those being the only whales in the area, and whales being the only thing able to sing the Song.
  • After the main story, the Song of Dragons is only heard once more, upon the player encountering the odd Commerson's Dolphin with strange markings in the Treasure Room that tells you to bring offerings to "the lady" (the Pacifica Treasure) and befriends you afterwards.