Wreck of the Navier 1

The Wreck of the Navier (called the Sunken Ship in the European version of Endless Ocean) is found in Ocean's Graveyard (alternately Ship's Rest in the American release), which is reached by finding the Pirate Ship and entering the hole on its port side. After uncovering 90 percent of the map and discovering the Life Beads, the Orca can be seen swimming around above the wreck in the daytime.

Inside the Navier
To enter the wreck, there are two trap doors on the deck of the ship that you are able to swim through, and several large holes in the port-stern area (back-left). Inside the Navier several different treasure fragments are found, and Banded Dogfish, Japanese Angelsharks, Longnose Butterflyfish, and Lined Surgeonfish are the most notable fish inside the ship.