The Tomato Clownfish is a small species of coral reef fish, named for its deep scarlet-orange colour and black sides. It is also recognizable for the distinct black-bordered white stripe that rests behind each of its eyes.

In-Game Description

"Adult males are orange with a pale blue line on the head, females are darker in colour and young fish are marked with two or three white lines. It forms a symbiotic relationship with purple sea anemones and is fiercely territorial. It will even attack divers if they approach, but stops as soon as they move away from the anemone.


The clownfish benefits from its symbiotic relationship with the sea anemone through gaining protection from predators. However it's unclear if there is any advantage for the sea anemone as the role the clownfish plays for it is unknown. So this may be a truly symbiotic relationship, favourable for both sides, or simply a one-sided one."


Endless Ocean

Small groups of Tomato Clownfish appear randomly across the Manoa Lai Sea under zoom-mode spots close to branching and plate corals. They commonly appear in areas close to the Wild Channel and Sunshine Beach.

Endless Ocean 2

Small schools are seen under zoom-mode patches in the Zahhab Region around sunset near Stone Castle.


These fish swim around slowly under their zoom-mode patches, sometimes huddling under their anemones for shelter. The player can earn their favor by petting them and feeding them.


  • Other common names for this fish include Blackback Anemonefish, Bridled Anemonefish, Fire Clown, and Red Tomato Clown.
  • Though this fish is reported to be a hardy and aesthetically-pleasing aquarium fish in real life, even adapting well to new environments without a host anemone available, it is also reported to be aggressive and territorial towards other fish, even other Tomato Clownfish. As such, it is recommended that anyone looking to own one of these striking fish have a large tank for a single fish (20 gallons, at least).

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