The Triangulum Coin is one of the one hundred Constellation Coins in Endless Ocean: Blue World. The player can find it in the Gatama Atoll area at coordinates D-5, near three coral pillars, sitting at the foot of the middle pillar. This coin is not to be confused with the Southern Triangle (or Triangulum A.) coin.


  • The Triangulum constellation, rather obviously, is named for the shape that its three brightest stars form, that of a long and narrow triangle. Its name is Latin for "triangle".
  • The ancient Greeks called this constellation Deltoton as a reference to the fact that it resembled the upper-case Greek letter Delta (Δ).
  • This constellation is differentiated from its sister constellation Triangulum Australe by its name and the fact that it is only seen from the Northern hemisphere, while Triangulum A. is seen from the Southern.

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