Triton Village ruins

A view of the player character approaching the ruins.

The Triton Village Ruins are, as suggested by their name, the ruins of a small town that was once a thriving community, located in the Southwestern area of Ciceros Strait. The player first comes across them when searching for the ruins of Valka Castle (which can be accessed from the Well of the Full Moon, which is found in the Southwestern area of the Village). To the West of the Village, a fairly out-of-the-way path leads to the Red Dome, a small, enclosed cave covered in mysterious murals that might have been painted by the previous occupants of Triton Village.

Blocked by the dangerous East Ciceros Undine during the daytime on most days, the Ruins are home to many forms of sea life, including Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Monkfish, Japanese Angelsharks, and a North Atlantic Right Whale that passes through the area in the daytime. At night, Pelagic Thresher Sharks loiter around the area, and a Basking Shark can be seen circling the nearby shipwreck (the Wreck of the Blood Lotus). The Ruins are also home to a large amount of salvage items, making it an area ideal for the player to gather items that will garner them lots of money easily.

During the main storyline, the player first comes across the ruins at nighttime while exploring the Strait with Oceana. The player will encounter GG, who is also exploring the ruins, but he seems eager to leave for an unknown reason. He bids the player and Oceana goodbye before leaving, and soon after the player finds out what was making GG so apprehensive: Thanatos, the infamous giant killer shark, is roaming the area. To escape him, Oceana and the player escape down the Well of the Full Moon and subsequently discover the ruins of Valka Castle.


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