Temple entrance and pillars

The Twilight Temple is a large room accessible via King Amaru's Aqueduct. It is located in the Cortica River Upstream in Endless Ocean: Blue World, and features many salvageable items.

Animals that can be found here include Amazon River Dolphins, Dorados and the legendary creature King Gigide.

In-Game Description

"These are the ruins of an ancient South American civilization.

The countless crumbling mounds left by what were once pillars and the remains of what looks like a ceremonial well evoke an air of great mystery.

Tropical fish like the disc flounder and pink-tailed chalceus live here along with Amazon river dolphins."

The portion of Twilight Temple above the water's surface

Minor Locations

Sacrificial Well

The Sacrificial Well is a small well located in the centre of the Temple, with a shallow ditch running from the beginning of King Amaru's Aqueduct to this well. The Ara Coin can be found in the centre of this well, along with a pair of Guppies, and Green Terrors and Pink-Tailed Chalceus surround it.

Sacred Chamber

The Sacred Chamber is filled with the golden fish known as Dorados (unique to this location) and one of the Okeanos Tablets, the Cortica slate, is found in this room.

Forge Ruins

This location is a wide, shallow cove to the south of the building that contains the Sacred Chamber. It is rumored to be a concept that never got started, and was forgotten to take out. There is nothing of note here, though some players have reported being given a photo request for this area.