These oddly shaped holes etched into the ocean floor lead to the dark and ominous Zahhab Region Depths . They lie in the center of the Zahhab Region, and are frequented by a pod of gray whales. Bartail flatheads also rest on the seafloor here, and at night, a Sperm Whale will be present. This area is at the bottom of the "staircase" from up in the Coral Valley, and is a heartbeat away from the Super Drop-Off. A little to the east, you will find an Orca.

In your notebook, the area description reads:

"This pair of great chasms can be found in the center of the Zahhab Region. The area is home to gray whales, and watching these massive creatures swim in pods is a breathtaking sight. There are also rumors of sperm whales in the area at night."

Twin Crevasses

a view of one of the Crevasses.