Unnamed Cave

The unnamed cave is located in the Abyss in the first Endless Ocean game. It is a small landmark that is unmarked on the player's map.

Local Life

Within this cave, a small group of the only Coelacanths in the game are found, along with the occasional Vampire Squid. There are also a pair of zoom-mode spots that are home to some Firefly Squid.

There are zoom-mode spots in the hydrothermal vents nearby that are home to Galatheid Crabs and Deep-Sea Blind Shrimp.

Location and Geography

The unnamed cave can be found at a depth of 500 feet (150 meters) and is at coordinates I-5 in the Abyss. It is only accessible at night, when the Hydrothermal Vents blocking it from the Graveyard go inactive.