The Ursa Major Coin is one of 100 Constellation Coins scattered throughout Endless Ocean: Blue World. This coin is located in the Cavern of the Gods at coordinates B-2. The coin is located at the bottom of the Pillars of Shadow (the large chamber with the Coelacanths) in a circular area that is silt-free.

This coin is one of the five coins the player needs to collect to complete the Voice of the Night Sky sub-quest titled "The Tragedy of Callisto".


  • The constellation upon this coin is meant to depict a large bear, earning it its English name of "Great Bear". In North America, the tail of the bear resembles the handle of a soup ladle and its body the bowl section of said ladle, earning it the name "Big Dipper", like its counterpart Ursa Minor ("Little Dipper").
  • Ursa Major was, in Greek mythology, once a beautiful woman named Callisto that Zeus longed for. His wife Hera, in her jealousy, turned Callisto into a bear.

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