The Ursa Minor Coin (a Constellation Coin in Endless Ocean: Blue World) is one of the coins needed to complete the quest "The Tragedy of Callisto", a sub-quest in the Voice of the Night Sky quest. It can be found in the Ciceros Strait area at coordinates B-6, on the sand in the middle of the Red Dome. In the zoom-mode patch, a pair of juvenile Clown Triggerfish live.


  • The constellation upon this coin is meant to depict a small bear, hence its alternate name "Little Bear". Its North American name, "Little Dipper", is in reference to the fact that the tail of the bear may resemble the handle of a ladle. Its counterpart Ursa Major receives the name treatment, earning the name "Big Dipper".
  • This constellation is very important for navigation, especially to mariners, as Polaris, the North Star, is one of the seven stars that make up the Little Bear.

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