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Valka Castle
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Valka Castle is a sunken and abandoned castle in Endless Ocean 2 that can be accessed through the Well of the Full Moon in Ciceros Strait. It contains several different rooms, each possessing various animals and salvage locations.

Valka Castle

Built by a ruthless emperor in the late 16th Century, Valka Castle has been a strong empire for many years, until one day, it suddenly sunk into the sea.

Spiral Tower

After swimming through the Well of the Full Moon in Ciceros Strait, divers will see this tall tower filled with several fish and hammerhead sharks at the top. There are two passages: one going north and one going east.

Collapsed Gallery

This is the passage going east in the Spiral Tower. It leads to a dead end, but there are still some interesting coral reef fish here.


As its name suggests, this is where soldiers kept their army during the castle's heyday. Coral reef fish and a Longtooth Grouper are seen here.

Treasure Vault

This is where treasure was kept. Small fish and meagres are found here. The first time through, it will be locked, but divers will notice a hole large enough for Oceane to squeeze through, and she will open the door.

This is also where the Servant's Ring is found.

Underwater Gallery

This is a huge corrider with large windows. Here is where fish of all sizes are found. Thanatos is also seen lurking outside the window, and later, the Anomalocaris is seen here too.

Mermaid's Ballroom

A giant, glorious ballroom where people had danced when the castle was above water, it is still the perfect ballroom for fish to swim in. Coral reef fish, schools of fish and even a false killer whale are found here.

Just outside the ballroom, there is a door that was locked on the other side, but can be opened on the side the diver is currently at.

King's Chamber

This is where the mighty Prince Valka stayed in. After entering, the doors will close and lock, locking the diver and Oceane in the chamber after The Song of Dragons is played. The only way out is by activating a mechanism under a desk.

Secret Room

A small room connected to the King's Chamber. This is where the first Okeanos Tablet is found.



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