Venus's Flower Basket (also known as the Venus Flower Basket) is a small type of sea life that resembles a plant, when in reality it is a species of sea sponge.

In-Game Description

"This sponge looks like a basket woven from white thread. It is actually formed from very fine silica, and beautiful enough to be named after the goddess of beauty.

[Together Forever]

Pairs of small shrimp often enter venus flower baskets through the lattice as soon as they are born and grow up inside, eventually becoming too large to get out.

They then spend the rest of their lives together inside the sponge."


Endless Ocean 2

These small sea sponges can be found in the Zahhab Region Depths, around coordinates B-3SW and C-3E, only under zoom-mode glows.


These are found under glows, usually with small groups of Galatheid Crabs and Deep-Sea Blind Shrimps.


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