Warty Frogfish
Type of animal: Frogfish
Species: Antennarius maculatus
Length: 15 cm/6 in
What it looks like: A white frog with legs and brown spots
Location: Man-made ruins (EO), Gatama Atoll (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Warty Frogfish is a small form of marine life.

In-Game Description

"Normally white with colored blotches spreading back from its eyes, a rare few are black with yellow spots. It has a fishing-rod-like protuberance above its mouth with a lure on the end that it uses to entice its prey, swallowing them whole as soon as they are close enough.

The form of the lure changes as the fish grows; it looks like a small crustacean in young fish but more like a small fish in adults."


Endless Ocean

These are usually seen in the Ruins of Marige Atoll and, ever so often, in the Ocean's Graveyard area.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found in Gatama Atoll at coordinates D-6.


Usually found alone or with another creature. The fish "walks" along the sand, stopping occasionally to dangle its "lure" in front of it.

If one is fed, the player can observe the fast gulping motion it uses to quickly swallow its prey.

Antennarius maculatus - Clown Frogfish

A real warty frogfish.


  • These can be found day and night.


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