The Watchman Goby (also known as the Yellow Watchman Goby or the Yellow Shrimp Goby) is a relatively rare sand-dwelling goby.

In-Game Description

"This fish can be either yellow all over or covered in light and dark patches. Both types have small cobalt dots scattered across their head and dorsal fin. This goby forms a symbiotic relationship with certain types of shrimp on the seabed near rocky or coral reefs.

[Same Fish, Different Color]

The two color varieties of this fish were once thought to be different species, but as they both live in the same nests and there are no physical differences between them, it was decided they are actually the same."


Endless Ocean

This is found in sand holes throughout the Manoa Lai Sea, usually paired with a Randall's Pistol Shrimp.

Endless Ocean 2

Also found as yellow gobies, this is found in Gatama Atoll under sandy glows at D-7 and E-6.


These small fish rest inside holes in the sand, sometimes paired with a shrimp. They like being fed, but will retreat into their dens if poked or petted.

Watchman goby 1

A real-life example of the Yellow Watchman Goby.


  • Although these can be found as both the yellow and greyish varieties in Endless Ocean 2, there is no separate Encyclopedia entry for the yellow-colored version.

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