The West Indian Manatee is a type of marine mammal that appears in both of the Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

"This fat, rotund animal with big round eyes can be distinguished from the similar dugong by its fan-shaped tail. The manatee lives in warm waters and spends most of the day grazing on seaweed and other plants.

It is friendly and will let itself be stroked and petted, and its skin feels like an elephant's.

[Mermaid Myopia]

Tales of mermaids are told all over the world, and a sighting was even recorded in a ship's journal on Columbus' voyage. However, there is a prominent theory that many of these sightings were actually of sea cows, including manatees.

It is plausible that the creature seen by Columbus was also a manatee."


Endless Ocean

A small group of three West Indian Manatees can be found in the Great Aqua Cave, in the room near the White Room, known as Cascade Pool.

Endless Ocean 2

In the second game, three of these creatures can be seen in Gatama Atoll at Doughnut Reef.


They swim around slowly in groups of three. They like being stroked/petted.


  • This is one of Jean-Eric's favorite creatures.

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