The White Pelican is a type of pelican present in both games.


In-Game Description

"This bird has a long slender neck and an enormous bill with a pouch on the underside. Its plumage becomes pink during mating season.

Although it has a lifespan of around 30 years, pelicans bred in captivity have lived for over 50 years."

Fishing with an Advantage

Gathering in flocks of dozens, they drive fish towards the shore by beating the water's surface in unison with their wings. When the fish are cornered, they are immediately scooped up by the pelican's large beak.

Water is also taken into the beak together with the fish. However, the water settles in the pouch, allowing the pelican to swallow only the fish.

Some pelican flocks can even consist of tens of thousands of birds.


Endless Ocean

In the original game they occasional appear on the deck of the boat after a dive.

Endless Ocean 2

These are seen in Zahhab Region around the land area at B-1.


  • These are seen in the daytime only in both games.
  • This is one of Hayako's favorite creatures.

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