White Room

The White Room, as its name suggests, is pure white in color, making it stand out from the rest of Great Aqua Cave, where it is located. It is filled with crystal stalactites, and many small, unremarkable fish, including Pyramid Butterflyfish, Powder Blue Tang and Green Chromis. The only creature that stands out here is a lone False Killer Whale, which you are able to befriend. This room marks the end of the cave, and the Iron Pearl of Manoa Lai can be found on top of the altar (a short, stubby pillar) in the center of the room. The entrance to White Room is in the back of the Rim Pool.

This room is given a majestic air by the shafts of sunlight finding their way through the cracks in the cave ceiling, along with the music change that occurs when you enter the room, and it well deserves it. This is the only place in Endless Ocean where the False Killer Whale is found, along with the Iron Pearl of Manoa Lai, which is a completely unique treasure.