Whitetip/White Tip Reef Shark
Type of animal: Shark
Species: Triaenodon obesus
Length: 2 m/6 ft 7 in
What it looks like: A small shark with fins with white tips
Location: Ciceros Strait (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Whitetip Reef Shark (also known as the White Tip Reef Shark) is a small shark.

In-Game Description

"Found in coral reef regions, this shark is active at night and generally sleeps in the shade of rocks by day. It is easily distinguished by the white tip of its dorsal fin.

Although said to be docile, the sight of a group feeding together can be a stark reminder of the fact that they really are sharks."


Endless Ocean 2

Ciceros Strait, E-4, E-5, F-5, F-6, G-5, and H-6


These rest on coral grounds and blend in with them


  • These are only found during the daytime
  • This is one of GG's favorite creatures.

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