Wild Channel 1

The Wild Channel, a landmark to the south of the main map in Endless Ocean, is a long alley, stretching east-to-west, between two rock walls. It is located at coordinates J-5 in the Manoa Lai sea.

Slightly to the east of the Channel, the landmark known as the Kai Tsuo Gathering is found, and further east of that, the player will find Sunshine Beach and Dolphin Rock. Southwest of the western entrance to the Channel, the player may be able to find the Pirate Ship, as that area is one of the three places that the Ship can be found.

Wild Channel 2

Within the Channel, the sea life that makes up most of the attraction to the area is the North Atlantic Right Whale that swims through. Leopard Whiprays and Golden Trevally make up the next-largest animals in the area, and smaller fish include creatures like Japanese Jack Mackerel and Sailfin Tang. At the Eastern end of the Channel, a flock of Adelie Penguins can be seen.

There are no treasures located inside the Channel.

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