The Wreck of the Arktos is one of the many wrecked ships scattered around Ciceros Strait. The Arktos is located at coordinates E-4. Near it, several Mahi-Mahi, Longtooth Grouper, and a shoal of Japanese Jack Mackerel can be seen swimming around, and the ship itself is inhabited by two schools of Swallowtail Sea Perch. Also nearby, a single Whitetip Reef Shark is sitting idly.

The Arktos is in relatively good condition, still mostly whole but with small, wooden parts of itself scattering the nearby sea floor, along with its mast being gone, having toppled over onto a nearby rock shelf (The one it's leaning on; this is also the rock shelf where the Whitetip Reef Shark sits).

  • A view of the Arktos from the stern of the ship.
  • The bow of the ship.
  • The entrance to what was once the cabin of the ship.

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