The Wreck of the Blood Lotus, one of the many wrecked ships in the Ciceros Strait area, is in rather poor condition. It's been severely damaged, somehow split in two, and smaller parts and bits of cargo can be seen scattered nearby.

This wreck is inhabited by several small fish, including Lined Surgeonfish, Common Octopi and Goldeye Rockfish, with a small group of Swallowtail Sea Perch swimming nearby. During the daytime, a North Atlantic Right Whale (likely the same one that sings the Song of Dragons when the player and Oceana are in the King's Chamber) can be seen swimming about in the vicinity, while at night a Basking Shark will make the rounds instead.

This wreck lies just east of the Triton Village Ruins at co-ordinates E-7.

  • The split in the middle of the Blood Lotus.
  • The bow of the ship and one of the pillars in Triton Village.