The Emerald Lady is a sunken ship is in rather good condition, almost completely whole, and can be found in Southeast Ciceros Strait at coordinates H-7 in South Canyon. It is very difficult to explore, since the area is infested with Great White Sharks, including the legendary and infamously aggressive Thanatos, making exploring here extraordinarily dangerous, especially when compared to other areas.

Along with the sharks, there are Mahi-Mahi, Red Sea Bream, Common Octopi, and John Dory. A little to the East is half of an unnamed wreck (inhabited by Meagre and Cloudy Catsharks) and it is believed that the other half is the piece of ship found at D/E-8 (inhabited by two schools of Goldeye Rockfish), though it is unknown how they were separated so far apart. It is very plausible that both of these ships were sunk by Thanatos himself, who is infamous for his aggressive nature towards all humans and is rumored to be able to split ships in half, like this one.

Emerald Lady 1

The entirety of the Emerald Lady. The photographer fled the scene after this photo was taken to avoid dealing with the sharks.