This wreck is found in Ciceros Strait, at coordinates C-1 in North Canyon. It is in very poor condition, split entirely in half and one of its parts is resting on the nearby rocks while the other one is on the sandy, flat area of the seafloor.

Exploring at night is often recommended, as a sheer number of great white sharks appear during the day. At night, they are replaced by harmless sand tigers, and the great whites are found further East, infesting the Wreck of the Pride of Athens.

The Flamingo is inhabited by Bicolor Parrotfish. Nearby, Sea Robins, White Groupers and a large shoal of Goldeye Rockfish are seen.

  • The split in the wreck and one of the resident Great Whites.
  • A view of the wreck, minus the shark.
  • the other half of the Flamingo.