The Wreck of the Pride of Athens is a wrecked ship lodged between two rocks in Ciceros Strait just east of the Wreck of the Flamingo, at coordinates E/D-1.

This wreck is populated by Pelagic Threshers and Great Sturgeons. Several shoals of smaller fish, including Swallowtail Sea Perch and Sea Goldies, also live here. Along with these, the legendary Lady Dorthea can be seen swimming underneath. Great White Sharks patrol this area at night.

During the mission "Memento", you and your client Marzia investigate this wreck in search of her father's suitcase. While searching, you two are attacked by Thanatos just as you find the door that conceals the treasure you are looking for. You must distract him, while she tries to open it.

  • The Pride of Athens, seen from the stern of the ship.
  • The ship in its entirety.