The Yellow Clownfish (called the Orange Skunk Clownfish in the North American version of the game) is a species of small coral-reef fish.

In-Game Description

"This orange fish has a white line running from its mouth down to its caudal fin, and a row of distinctive long spines behind each set of gills. Its scientific name is amphiprion, which means 'a saw on both sides'.

When it first comes into contact with a new sea anemone, it lets the tentacles touch its head and fins and adapts its body little by little.


This fish prefers to live with a particular species of sea anemone, but how can it tell that one kind apart from all the other anemones in the sea? This fish can 'smell' anemones and uses the chemicals they give off to find the anemone it wants."


Endless Ocean

These can be seen all over Manoa Lai. Players have often seen these in areas not specified as part of a certain landmark on the map.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found in the Gatama Atoll area, among corals and anemones.


These small fish are found under zoom-mode glows and swim about leisurely, often with several others of their kind. They like food and being petted.

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