The Yellowtail Surgeonfish is a form of coral reef fish.

In-Game Description

"This fish is covered with small black spots and has a bright yellow tail fin.

Originally found in the eastern Pacific Ocean, it seems to have ridden the ocean currents to take up residence in Gatama Atoll in the South Pacific."


Endless Ocean 2

Small groups of Yellowtail Surgeonfish can be found in Gatama Atoll, around coordinates E-6, C-7, D-7, E-7, and D-8.


These fish swim slowly about, clustered together in small groups, over coral-filled areas. They like being offered food, like most coral-reef fish do in-game.


  • In real-life, though this fish is not a threatened species at all, its natural habitat does overlap some areas of the ocean that are already protected areas, granting it some accidental protection anyway.

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