The Zebra Shark is a large and harmless species of shark.

In-Game Descriptions

Endless Ocean

These fish have broad bodies and heads, and tail fins that are roughly the same length as their bodies. They are an earthy brown colour on top and white on the belly, with a leopard-print set of spots on the back. They can be seen near Deep Valley year-round.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

This creature has a striking leopard-spot pattern and a tail fin nearly as long as its body. It has several ridges on its back, similar to a Whale Shark's. Young sharks are pale yellow with black stripes so do not resemble adults. They are most active at night and usually found on the seabed near coral reefs.

[You Can't Hide!]

Sharks have electroreceptors in their heads, known as Ampullae of Lorenzini, which allow them to sense the weak magnetic field of other creatures. This sense is believed to be particularly well-developed in Zebra Sharks. They can even find prey hiding under the sand, but there are restrictions, such as limited range and an inability to detect insulated creatures.


Endless Ocean

Several Zebra Sharks make their homes in the sandy area at coordinate areas F-5 and F-6, swimming about in the flat area near Deep Valley.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

Only one of these sharks exists in-game can be found in the Cavern of the Sun in the Zahhab Region, making it a little bit harder to find for players that don't know of the Cavern's existence.

Young Zebra Shark

A juvenile, displaying the "zebra" part of this shark's name.


These creatures swim around slowly, staying close to the seafloor and moving in no particular pattern. They respond positively to being stroked and given food. In Endless Ocean: Blue World, the player can obtain this creature's trivia information by taking a picture of it.


  • In the second game, the only Zebra Shark in the game is surrounded by the bones of sea turtles. As zebra sharks do not typically pursue such large prey, it can be assumed that these remains have been in the Cavern since before the Zebra Shark moved in, or that it scavenged food from the bones.

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